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Vol.27, No.1, 81 ~ 93, 2024
Case Study on AR Technology Use in the Fashion Industry: Focusing on Classification of Use Types
This study analyzed augmented reality (AR) technology use in the fashion industry by classifying them based on product, wearer, space, purpose, and use. In this study, 76 cases of AR technology use in the fashion industry that were analyzed in domestic and foreign portals (Google, Naver, etc.) and research articles were collected and analyzed. The study found that in AR technology cases, the dimensions of the product, wearer, and space were utilized in various ways, including real, virtual, and their combination. AR technology was used diversely and creatively in design and product development, marketing and publicity, fashion shows, try-ons, online and offline sales and distribution, etc. Through AR technology, the categories of fashion products, concept of fashion shows, try-on methods, marketing and promotional tools, and sales tools are expanded more creatively from the existing framework. For inclusive growth within the fashion industry in the future, the national government, local governments, and large corporations should develop measures in bridging the digital gap, such as the use of AR technology according to technological readiness, capital, and age.
Key Words
AR (Augmented Reality), AR Technology, AR Use, Fashion Industry, 증강현실, AR기술, AR 활용용도, 패션산업