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Instruction For Authorss

Manuscript Submission Policy of Korean Journal of the Science of Emotion & Sensibility

1/1/1998 Establishment
4/1/2003 Amendment
4/21/2004 Amendment
3/1/2008 Amendment
12/10/2008 Amendment

Article 1 (Purpose and contents)

The purpose of this policy is to increase efficiency of the manuscript submission procedures by regulating the manuscript submission and format of the manuscript for review submitted to "Korean Journal of the Science of Emotion & Sensibility" (hereinafter referred to as journal) of Korean Society of Emotion & Sensibility.
The submitted manuscript needs to be related to the science of emotion and sensibility and its application, have the contents contributing to the academic and industrial development, and be recognized as the creativity; the contents already published in other journals of Korea or other countries cannot be submitted. After the manuscript is published in this journal; if the fact of previous publication is confirmed; the corresponding manuscript will not be recognized and will be removed from the journal.


Article 2 (Submission qualification)

The member of this society has the qualification of the main author (or corresponding author) to submit to this journal in principle. However, the co-authors and invited contributors will be an exception. Among published manuscripts of one time publication in this journal, the number of manuscript that can be published under the same author's name is limited to within three including joint research.


Article 3 (Format)

The manuscript of this journal needs to meet the basic system and form as an academic manuscript by obeying the manuscript submission and format policy of Korean Journal of the Science of Emotion & Sensibility; the language needs to be one of Korean or English.


Article 4 (Quantity)

The quantity of the manuscript needs to be even number in the standard of the printed side; the minimum number of page needs to be six and maximum number of page needs to be 20 (except the cover page of the submitted manuscript).


Article 5 (Application)

The manuscript can be constantly applied through the manuscript review website of this society (http://koses.or.kr); the application date will be the date when the submitted manuscript is applied at the review website of this society or arrives at the editorial board. The manuscript for review needs to be formed by the manuscript format policy of this journal; the manuscript not followed by the format policy cannot be applied. In addition, it is necessary to submit the prescribed submission form filling out the necessary items, the manuscript paper with title page, and with the manuscript and pay the additionally prescribed review fee.


Article 6 (Review fee)

When the manuscript contributor submit the manuscript through the manuscript review website, it is necessary to deposit 60,000 KRW of the review fee per one manuscript to the bank account assigned by the society (Kookmin Bank: 433401-01-241274, Account holder: Korean Society for the Science of Emotion & Sensibility).


Article 7 (Publication fee)

The contributor whose manuscript is decided to be published needs to pay the publication fee according to the number of printed page. The publication fee will be 250,000 KRW for less than 10 printed pages; in case of more than 10 pages, it is necessary to pay 20,000 KRW per additionally printed page (ex: in case of 12 pages, 40000 KRW additionally needs to be paid). For the color printing or special printing, the actual expenses need to be paid.


Article 8 (Extra copy)

The application for the extra copy needs to be written when the manuscript submission application form is submitted. The society will provide 20 extra copies for published manuscript to the contributor. If more than 20 extra copies are necessary, 20,000 KRW per 10 copies need to be additionally paid. However, in event of exceeding 10 pages, 10,000 KRW needs to be paid per 2 pages.


Article 9 (Copyright and publication right)

The copyright of the manuscript that is already published or will be published in the future will be vested in this society; it is regard as the transfer of the manuscript copyright to the society. In addition, the publication right is vested in the society.


Article 10 (Responsibility)

All of the authors of the manuscript have the joint responsibility for the honesty and validity of the results of the corresponding manuscript and need to grant these by reading the manuscript before the submission. The corresponding author has the final responsibility for the contents of the manuscript.


Article 11 (Enforcement)

This policy is effective from December 10, 2008.


Supplemental provisions

1.The matters not specified in this policy will follow the manuscript submission policy of general journals; as necessary, these will be decided by consulting with the editorial board of this society.
2. "Korean Journal of the Science of Emotion & Sensibility" of Korean Society for the Science of Emotion & Sensibility is published on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 in principle.


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