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Aims and Scope

Introduction of Korean Society for Emotion and Sensibility :
The Science of Emotion and Sensibility is the academic area included in the fusion science having very broad interdisciplinary spectrum in Psychology, Physiology, Anthropology, Sociology, Design, Materials Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering characteristically, it has adhered closely to the two aspects of science and practice in the systematized exchange among several areas. Korean Society for Emotion and Sensibility was established to promote the life of human beings more convenient and pleasant by quantitatively measuring and analyzing human beings' emotion and sensibility and applying these to the product development and life environment.

Introduction of the journal: Korean Journal of the Science of Emotion & Sensibility is the only journal in Korea generally dealing with the relation between human beings and life environment and plays a role as the place for research presentation focusing on emotion or sensibility of human beings. The research contents have the topics of human beings'emotion and sensibility in which Humanities and Social Studies area including Psychology, Design, Business, Sociology, etc. mutually fused with Natural Science area including Physiology, Medicine, Clothing and Textiles, Mechanical Engineering, Information Science, etc.
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