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Editorial Board


Young Joo Na Inha University

Associate Editor

Shin Woo Kim Kwangwoon University


Chang Ki Kang Gachon University
Sung Phil Kim Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
Seung Jin Kim Yeungnam University
Yang Weon Kim Daejeon University
Wuin Shik Kim Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
Hyeon Jeong Suk Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Jin Sup Eom Chungbuk National University
Joo Hyeon Lee Yonsei University
Hye Bin Rim Kwangwoon University
Eun Hye Jang Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Seong Cheol Heo Daewoo Lucoms Inc
Jung Pyo Hong Chonbuk National University

International Editorial Board

Eun Kyong Back De Montfort University, Germany
Seung Hee Lee University of Tsukuba, Japan
So Yeon Yoon Cornell University, U.S.A.


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