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Vol.27, No.1, 47 ~ 59, 2024
The Role of Student Immediacy in a Technology-Mediated Learning Context
This study aimed to investigate the role of student immediacy in learning-related positive affective experiences in the technology-mediated education context. In particular, perceived social presence was expected to mediate the relationship between student immediacy and positive affect. Moreover, we hypothesized the moderating role of technology readiness in the relationship between student immediacy and perceived social presence. To test this hypothesis, a survey of approximately 500 undergraduate students who have attended non-face-to-face online courses was conducted. The results revealed that social presence fully mediated the relationship between immediacy and positive affect. That is, students who scored high on the immediacy scale tended to experience a greater level of social presence during online classes; consequently, they tended to demonstrate more positive affect. As expected, technology readiness moderated the relationship between immediacy and social presence. Unlike previous studies that mainly focused on instructor immediacy, the present study contributed to immediacy literature by empirically testing the positive effect of student immediacy on learning. Furthermore, this study revealed the potential importance of communication competence and its progress in predicting student participation and satisfaction, which could have been changed since the COVID-19 pandemic.
Key Words
Online Class, Positive Affective Experience, Social Presence, Student Immediacy, Technology Readiness, 비대면 수업, 학습자 정서, 사회적 실재감, 즉시성, 기술준비도