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Vol.27, No.1, 13 ~ 47, 2024
Solitude and Loneliness: Developmental Exploration of the Familiarity and Appropriateness of Words
This study aimed to develop a Korean word tool related to solitude and loneliness. Because collecting the right words is very important, words that express the two emotions were selected from three language dictionaries. At this time, related words were collected to specifically reflect the increasing number of people seeking voluntary solitude. Consequently, 1,768 words were collected. From these, 684 words were selected based on specific criteria that everyone can understand and use, and they went through a six-iteration selection process, which extracted a total of 243 words. Considering the nature of the study, the meanings of the words collected must be clear and comprehensively represent the overall aspects of solitude and loneliness. Accordingly, a total of 243 words were selected, focusing on words that received the highest ratings in terms of familiarity and appropriateness. It is expected that this study will establish a clear concept of solitude and loneliness and provide basic data that can be used to understand the realistic and universal perception of Koreans from a developmental perspective.
Key Words
Solitude, Loneliness, Emotion Words, Familiarity, Appropriateness, 고독, 외로움, 정서 단어, 친숙성, 적절성