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Vol.26, No.4, 125 ~ 133, 2023
The Impact of Singing Bowl Healing on the Autonomic Nervous System and Brainwaves
This study investigated the effects of continuous Singing Bowl healing on brainwaves and autonomic nervous system responses. The variations in brainwaves were measured during 45-minute sessions in eight participants, before and after Singing Bowl healing sessions to assess the changes in brainwaves before and after five weeks of Singing Bowl healing treatment. BioBrain BIOS-S8 was used to obtain brainwave measurements. Electrodes were placed on six channels: F3, F4, T3, T4, P3, and P4. A standard limb lead I with electrodes was used for electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements. Using the collected brainwave data, changes in brain waves were observed before and after five weeks of Singing Bowl healing. Beta waves, alpha waves, and sensorimotor rhythm were found to have reduced, while theta waves, delta waves, and the standard deviation of normal-to-normal intervals in heart rate variability had increased. These results indicate that continuous Singing Bowl healing over five weeks can stabilize brainwaves, activate the autonomic nervous system, and increase the relaxation-inducing effects of the parasympathetic nervous system.
Key Words
Singing Bowl, Brainwaves, Relaxation, Healing, Parasympathetic Nervous System, 싱잉볼, 뇌파, 이완, 힐링, 부교감신경