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Vol.26, No.4, 115 ~ 125, 2023
Artificial Intelligence and Literary Sensibility
This study explores the intersection of literary studies and artificial intelligence (AI), focusing on the common theme of human emotions to foster complementary advancements in both fields. By adopting a comparative perspective, the paper investigates emotion as a shared focal point, analyzing various emotion-related concepts from both literary and AI perspectives. Despite the scarcity of research on the fusion of AI and literary studies, this study pioneers an interdisciplinary approach within the humanities, anticipating future developments in AI. It proposes that literary sensibility can contribute to AI by formalizing subjective literary emotions, thereby enhancing AI’s understanding of complex human emotions. This paper’s methodology involves the terminology-centered extraction of emotions, aiming to blend subjective imagination with objective technology. This fusion is expected to not only deepen AI’s comprehension of human complexities but also broaden literary research by rapidly analyzing diverse human data. The study emphasizes the need for a collaborative dialogue between literature and engineering, recognizing each field’s limitations while pursuing a convergent enhancement that transcends these boundaries.
Key Words
Artificial Intelligence, Literary Studies, Human Emotions, Critical Structure, Narrative Technique, Ai and Literature Convergence, 인공지능, 문학 연구, 인간 감정, 비평 구도, 서사 기법, 인공지능과 문학 융합