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Vol.26, No.4, 103 ~ 115, 2023
Cybersickness and Experience of Viewing VR Contents in Augmented Reality
Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) differ fundamentally, with AR overlaying computer-generated information onto the real world in a nonimmersive way. Despite extensive research on cybersickness in VR, its occurrence in AR has received less attention (Vovk et al., 2018). This study examines cybersickness and discomfort associated with AR usage, focusing on the impact of content intensity and exposure time. Participants viewed 30-minute racing simulation game clips through AR equipment, varying in racing speed to alter content intensity. Cybersickness was assessed subjectively using the Simulator sickness questionnaire (SSQ; Kennedy et al., 1993). Findings revealed a progressive increase in cybersickness with longer exposure, persisting even after removing the AR equipment. Contrarily, content intensity did not significantly influence cybersickness levels. Analysis of the SSQ subscales revealed higher oculomotor (O) scores compared to nausea (N) and disorientation (D), suggesting that discomfort primarily stemmed from oculomotor strain. The study highlights distinct differences in user experience between AR and VR, specifically in subjective responses.
Key Words
Augmented Reality, Cybersickness, Virtual Reality, Virtual Environments, Speed Perception, 증강현실, 사이버 멀미, 가상현실, 인체 영향성, 속도 지각