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Vol.26, No.4, 51 ~ 71, 2023
The Effects of Control Takeover Request Modality of Automated Vehicle and Road Type on Driver’s Takeover Time and Mental Workload
This study employed driving simulation to examine how takeover request (TOR) information modalities (visual, auditory, and visual + auditory) in Level-3 automated vehicles, and road types (straight and curved) influence the driver’s control takeover time (TOT) and mental workload, assessed through subjective workload and heart rate variations. The findings reveal several key points. First, visual TOR resulted in the quickest TOT, while auditory TOR led to the longest. Second, TOT was considerably slower on curved roads compared to straight roads, with the greatest difference observed under the auditory TOR condition. Third, the auditory TOR condition generally induced lower subjective workload and heart rate variability than the visual or visual + auditory conditions. Finally, significant heart rate changes were predominantly observed in curved road conditions. These outcomes indicate that TOT and mental workload levels in drivers are influenced by both the TOR modality and road geometry. Notably, a faster TOT is associated with increased mental workload.
Key Words
Automated Vehicle, Takeover Request Modality, Road Type, Takeover Time, Mental Workload, 자율주행 차량, 제어권 인수요구 정보양상, 도로 형태, 제어권 인수시간, 정신적 작업부하