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Vol.26, No.4, 41 ~ 51, 2023
Performance and Stability Evaluation of Muscle Activation (EMG) Measurement Electrodes According to Layer Design
This study aims to develop electromyography (EMG) textile electrodes and assess their performance and signal stability by examining variations in layer count and fabric types. We fabricated the electrodes through layering and pressing techniques, focusing on configurations with different layer counts (Layer-0, Layer-1, and Layer-2). Our findings indicate that layer presence significantly influences muscle activation measurements, with enhanced performance correlated with increased layer numbers. Subsequently, we created electrodes from five distinct fabrics (neoprene, spandex cushion, 100% polyester, nylon spandex, and cotton canvas), each maintaining a Layer-2 structure. In performance tests, nylon spandex fabric, particularly heavier variants, outperformed others, while the spandex cushion electrodes showed superior stability in muscle activation signal acquisition. This research elucidates the connection between electrode performance and factors like layer number and electrode-skin contact area. It suggests a novel approach to electrode design, focusing on layer properties and targeted pressure application on specific sensor areas, rather than uniformly increasing sleeve pressure.
Key Words
EMG, Electromyography, Textile Sensors, Textile Layers, Fabric Properties, Biosignal Monitoring, Smart Healthcare, EMG, Electromyography, 텍스타일 센서, 텍스타일 레이어, 원단의 물성, 생채신호 모니터링, 스마트 헬스케어