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Vol.26, No.4, 15 ~ 29, 2023
A Preliminary Study on the Wellness-Enhancing Effect of an App for the Development of the Self-Life Coaching App
Considering the necessity for individuals to check and manage their wellness to promote happiness, this study conducted preliminary research on the effect of wellness enhancement of the self-life coaching app. Thirty-six participants were randomly assigned to experimental groups 1 and 2 and a control group, respectively. In particular, the experimental groups were asked to perform self-life coaching for 4 weeks using a research app. Weekly feedback was provided to experimental group 1, but not to experimental group 2. The wellness index for workers (WIW) and the Korean wellness scale (KWS) were used as dependent variables. The analysis results of interaction effects between pre-, post-, and follow-up time points and groups reveal no statistically significant effects in both dependent variables, but the tendency of the effects was confirmed. Moreover, no difference was determined in terms of the presence or absence of weekly feedback in the experimental treatment effect. As a result of repeated measures variance analysis on KWS measured at five times, the wellness enhancement effect over time was statistically significant. Meanwhile, the polynomial trend analysis result confirmed the linear effect of the experimental treatment on wellness. The participation opinion survey also revealed that 84.2% of the participants perceived the activity to be helpful, and 78.9% responded that they would use it once every 1 or 2 weeks if the app is commercially available. This study is meaningful in that it suggests a methodology for utilizing the self-life coaching app so that anyone can use it to promote their wellness and partially confirms the effectiveness of this method.
Key Words
Self-Life Coaching, Wellness, Korean Wellness Scale, Mental Health App, 셀프 라이프코칭, 웰니스, 한국형 웰니스 척도, 정신건강 앱