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Vol.26, No.4, 3 ~ 15, 2023
Predicting Relationship Between Instagram Use and Psychological Variables During COVID-19 Quarantine Using Multivariate Techniques
Recently, the effect of using social media on psychological well-being has been highlighted. However, studies exploring factors that may predict the quality of social media relationships are relatively rare. The present study investigated whether social media activity and psychological states, such as loneliness and depression, can predict the quality of social media relationships during the COVID-19 quarantine period using a machine learning technique. Ninety-five participants completed a self-report survey on loneliness, Instagram activity, quality of social media relationships, and depression at different time points (during the self-isolation and after the release of self-isolation). Similarity analyses, including multidimensional scaling (MDS), representational similarity analysis (RSA), and classification analyses, were conducted separately at each point in time. The results of MDS revealed that time spent on social media and depression were distinguished from others in the first dimension, and loneliness and passive use were distinguished from others in the second dimension. We divided the data into two groups based on the quality of social media relationships (high and low), and we conducted RSA on each group. Findings indicated an interaction between the quality of the social media relationships and the situation. Specifically, the effect of self-isolation on the high-quality social media relationship group is more pronounced than that on the low-quality group. The classification results also revealed that the predictors of social media relationships depend on whether or not they are isolated. Overall, the results of this study imply that social media relationship could be well predicted when people are not in isolated situations.
Key Words
Social Media Relationship, Instagram, Social Isolation, Representational Similarity Analysis, Classification, 소셜미디어 상에서의 관계, 인스타그램, 사회적 고립, 표상유사성분석, 분류분석