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Vol.26, No.3, 129 ~ 149, 2023
The Effects of Self-Awareness on Mental Health among Adolescents: Focusing on Life Satisfaction, Depression, and Anxiety
This study verifies the effect of self-awareness on life satisfaction, depression, and anxiety as mental health indicators. An online survey, including self-awareness, life satisfaction, depression, and anxiety, was conducted on 300 adolescents, and the relationship between variables was observed through multiple regression analysis. As a result, adolescents’ overall self-awareness significantly affected life satisfaction, depression, and anxiety. Moreover, the effect of self-awareness was confirmed on mental health by dividing it into private, public, and situational self-awareness: life satisfaction was predicted by public and situational self-awareness, while depression and anxiety were predicted through private self-awareness. The result shows that adolescents' self-awareness generally affects their mental health; however, positive and negative emotional factors are differentially affected by different types of self-awareness. This study confirms the importance of self-awareness in the process of improving mental health and quality of life in adolescence.
Key Words
Adolescents’ Self-Awareness, Life Satisfaction, Depression, Anxiety, 청소년의 자기인식, 삶의 만족, 우울, 불안