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Vol.26, No.3, 69 ~ 83, 2023
Search for the Education of High-Tech Emotional Textile and Fashion
High-tech sensibility textile and fashion, in which consumers' emotions and various textile and fashion technologies are converged, is an important industrial group. It is important to develop the ability to apply in practice by gathering the creative by understanding other fields and exchanging ideas through interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of emotional engineering. Through interdisciplinary research and collaboration, talent must be nurtured of individuals who would lead the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution with the ability to empathize with others as well as the creative convergence-type intellectual ability necessary for the rapidly changing society. To determine content-creation methods, basic research is conducted. Additionally, this study investigates on the current status and educational process of the emotional textile-fashion industry worldwide. To nurture talents in the textile and fashion sensibility science, the basic contents are created to manage the knowledge that delivers sensibility science and the ICT related to this field, as well as in the intensive, PB-style conceptual design based on sensibility. The process from derivation of consumer emotion analysis and product development can be experienced through smart kit practice. Moreover, various methods are developed to set up intellectual property rights generated while developing ICT convergence products as start-ups. The study also covers new knowledge rights to develop emotional textile fashion.
Key Words
High-Tech Sensibility Textile & Fashion, Contents, Emotion & Sensibility, AI, 하이테크 감성 섬유패션, 콘텐츠, 감성과학, 인공지능