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Vol.26, No.3, 15 ~ 29, 2023
Affective Representation and Consistency Across Individuals Responses to Affective Videos
This study examined the affective representation and response consistency among individuals using affective videos, a naturalistic stimulus inducing emotional experiences most similar to those in daily life. In this study, multidimensional scaling was conducted to investigate whether the various affective representations induced through video stimuli are located in the core affect dimensions. A cross-participant classification analysis was also performed to verify whether the video stimuli are well classified. Additionally, the newly developed intersubject correlation analysis was conducted to assess the consistency of affective representations across participant responses. Multidimensional scaling revealed that the video stimuli are represented well in the valence dimension, partially supporting Russell (1980)'s core affect theory. The classification results showed that affective conditions were successfully classified across participant responses. Moreover, the intersubject correlation analysis showed that the consistency of affective representations to video stimuli differed with respect to the condition. This study suggests that the affective representations and consistency of individual responses to affective videos varied across different affective conditions.
Key Words
Classification, Core Affect, Intersubject Correlation, Multidimensional Scaling, Naturalistic Stimuli, 자연주의 자극, 핵심정서, 다차원척도법, 분류분석, 참가자간 상관분석