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Vol.24, No.3, 91 ~ 115, 2021
A Study on the Familiarity and Appropriateness of Korean Interpersonal Words
The first step of this study is to collect appropriate words from the list of words in the relationship. All vocabularies that are unfamiliar-but capable of guessing the meaning and expressing interpersonal relationships-were collected from three Korean dictionaries. Consequently, a compilation of 2,725 words was created; overlapping words were selected; and 910 words were chosen. Only grammatical forms were found; however, words with similar meanings-or identical meanings-were also found, and a reclassification process was required to reflect this. These procedures were repeated seven times, resulting in a total of 249 words being screened. However, due to the characteristics of this study, the number of words needs to be reduced because the meaning of words is more specific and summarized, and the overall interpersonal aspect is well expressed. Therefore, the process of reclassifying 249 words by their familiarity and appropriateness was subsequently undertaken, and the word with the highest level of familiarity and appropriateness was finally selected.
Key Words
Interpersonal Relationship, Interpersonal Words, Familiarity, Appropriateness, 대인관계, 대인관계 단어, 친숙성, 적절성