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Vol.24, No.3, 81 ~ 91, 2021
A Study on the High Sensitivity Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Pad Using E-TEXTILE
EMSCT (Electrical Muscle Stimulation Conductive Textile) is an electrical muscle stimulation pad that can compensate for ease of use and comfort, which are disadvantages of conventional hydrogel pads used in electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). With the concentration with SWCNT (Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube) and the number of impregnation processes, EMSCT was tested by giving conductivity to five fabrics (radirons, neoprene, spandex cushions, poly100%, and vergamo). The padding process with SWCNT was performed, and the alternating current measurement indicated that the most similar alternating current with hydrogel was the Vergamo fabric of SWCNT:=2:1. Furthermore, the usability evaluation of convenience, usability, and psychological satisfaction results in increased usability of EMSCT compared with conventional hydrogel pads.
Key Words
Conductive Textile, Electric Muscle Stimulation, Electrical Muscle Stimulation Textile, Electronic Textile, Functional Textile, High-Sensitivity Textile, 전도성 원단, 전기 근육 자극, 전기 근육 자극 원단, 전자 섬유, 기능성 원단, 고감성 원단