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Vol.23, No.1, 103 ~ 113, 2020
The Effects of Adult Attachment and Covert Narcissism on Smartphone Addiction in College Students
Smartphones, now a necessity for modern people, have become more than just an appliance, but an object of obsession for many. This has resulted in smartphone addiction in many modern people. However, the phenomenon of object addiction can lie beyond the problem of the object itself, varying according to the psychological characteristics of the subjects who use it. For this reason, this study aimed to examine adult attachment and covert narcissism as factors influencing smartphone addiction in college students. In order to do this subjects' level of smartphone addiction, adult attachment and covert narcissism needed to be measured on a scale of smartphone addiction, adult attachment and covert narcissism. Regression analysis was conducted with smartphone addiction set as the dependent variable and adult attachment and covert narcissism as independent variables. As a result, we observed anxiety attachment related to adult attachment and hypersensitivity/weakness of covert narcissism played roles in smartphone addiction. These findings suggest that in order to understand smartphone addiction in college students, it is important to know the psychological characteristics of our subjects.
Key Words
Smart-Phone Addiction, Adult Attachment, Covert Narcissism, College Student, 스마트폰 중독, 성인 애착, 내현적 자기애, 대학생

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