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Vol.23, No.1, 89 ~ 103, 2020
Effects of Cognitive Reappraisal and Expressive Suppression on Negative Emotion in Female College Students
This study aimed to compare the effects of two emotion regulation strategies, namely, cognitive reappraisal and expressive suppression in female college students. Specifically, the effects of these two emotion regulation strategies were tested and the intrapersonal factors related to the effects of these strategies were explored. The participants included 60 female college students. In Study 1, 40 participants were randomly assigned to each of the two different strategy groups, i.e., a between-subject design was employed. In Study 2, 20 participants were asked to use both strategies to regulate their emotion, i.e., a within-subject design was employed. The results revealed that both emotion regulation strategies effectively reduced negative emotion of emotional stimuli. However, the use of emotion regulation assessed with a questionnaire was not matched to the actual usage of regulation strategies examined with a task. Finally, the use of a suppression strategy was related to the extroversion psychological adaptive variable. Our findings suggest that the subjective assessment of the use of an emotion regulation strategy may not be the same as the actual use of an emotion regulation strategy. Furthermore, we demonstrated that when participants have an option to use both strategies, the cognitive reappraisal is more functional than expression suppression. This concurs with the previous findings on the effects of emotion regulation strategies.
Key Words
Cognitive Reappraisal, Emotion Regulation Questionnaire, Emotion Regulation Task, Expressive Suppression, Individual Characteristics, 인지 재평가, 정서조절 설문, 정서조절 과제, 표현 억제, 개인 내 변인

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