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Vol.23, No.1, 79 ~ 89, 2020
Investigation of the Relationships Between Death Recognition, Terminal Care Stress, and Terminal Care Performance in Terminal Hospital Nurses
The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationships between death recognition, terminal care stress, terminal care performance, and other influencing factors of terminal care performance in terminal care hospital nurses. Two hundred forty nurses working in 11 hospitals for the elderly located in G, N, C city were surveyed. They were asked to complete three questionnaires: one on death recognition, one on terminal care stress, and a final one on terminal care performance. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Pearson's correlation, and stepwise regression using SAS 9.1. The findings suggest that the nurses' own mental and occupational stress was the cause of many difficulties in the practice of end-of-life care, where the nurse will often experience the death patients, which results in increased dysentery stress. There was a negative correlation between species stress and terminal care performance. Death recognition and terminal care stress were correlated with terminal care performance. The results suggest that the longer the clinical experience, the higher the quality of terminal care performance. Therefore, it is suggested that terminal care should be performed considering the longevity of the careers career and their death tendency. Further to this study, it is necessary to find out how to reduce stress and to evaluate other variables affecting the care of the patient.
Key Words
Death Recognition, Terminal Care Performance, Terminal Hospital Nurses, Terminal Care Stress, 죽음인식, 임종간호수행, 요양병원 간호사, 임종간호스트레스

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