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Vol.23, No.1, 69 ~ 79, 2020
A Comparative Study of the Use of Intelligent Personal Assistant Services Experiences: Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby
This study compares and analyzes user experiences of intelligent personal assistant services based on the evaluation criteria of human-computer interaction to explore positive elements of user experiences and factors that could be improved. The research was conducted on Apple's Siri, Google's Google Associate, and Samsung's Bixby, which is presently the smartest personal assistant service on the market. The research method was to compare and analyze the concepts and characteristics of the current services through a literature review and by interviewing seven UI/UX design experts for the second 2 weeks using contextual inquiry. The interview reorganized Peter Morville's user experience honeycomb, reducing his seven usability principles down to five, asking questions about usability, convenience, visual attractiveness, reliability, and satisfaction. On the basis of the reconfigured usability principle, the assessment was conducted on the basis of the assessment timing and the system usability scale. This study is meaningful in that it analyzed the user experience of artificial intelligence personal assistant services both quantitatively and qualitatively.
Key Words
Intelligent Personal Assistant, Artificial Intelligence, User Interface, User Experience, Usability Evaluation, 지능형 개인비서, 인공지능, 유저인터페이스, 사용자경험, 사용성평가

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