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Vol.22, No.4, 85 ~ 97, 2019
Testing the Auto-regressive Cross-lagged Effects Between Relative Extrinsic Value Orientation and Life-satisfaction
The relative extrinsic value orientation (REVO) means the relative importance to extrinsic values (e.g. wealth, fame and social approval) compared with intrinsic values (e.g. affiliation, self-acceptance and personal growth). This study aimed to investigate the causal relation between REVO and life-satisfaction using the auto-regressive cross-lagged modeling. For this purpose, 3rd, 5th, and 7th year data from the Korea Children and Youth Panel Survey (KCYPS) middle school 1st grade panel was analyzed (N = 2,259; 1,140 males and 1,119 females). The results are as follows; Firstly, positive auto-regressive effects of REVO and life-satisfaction were significant. Secondly, REVO was found to have negative and cross-lagged effect on life-satisfaction. However, cross-lagged effect from life-satisfaction to REVO was not significant. Finally, no gender difference was found in this relationship. These results suggest that low life satisfaction does not cause the relative extrinsic value orientation, but high relative extrinsic value orientation may cause low life satisfaction.
Key Words
Extrinsic Value, Intrinsic Value, Life-satisfaction, Auto-regressive Cross-lagged Model, Korean Children and Youth Panel Survey (KCYPS), 외재적 가치, 내재적 가치, 삶의 만족, 자기회귀교차지연모형, 한국아동·청소년패널조사(KCYPS)

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