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Vol.22, No.4, 57 ~ 65, 2019
Characteristics of Autonomic Nervous System Responses to Anger in Individuals with Alcohol Use Disorders (AUDs)
Anger is the most common emotional trigger causing relapses in individuals with alcohol use disorders (AUDs). The present study intended to investigate the autonomic nervous system (ANS) responses induced by anger in individuals with AUDs. The participants in this study included twelve individuals with AUDs and 14 non-frequent drinkers. Anger was induced in the participants via a 120-second film clip. Before the presentation of this audio-visual stimulus, the ANS responses of the participants were measured for 60 seconds to ascertain their resting state. Subsequently, the participants’ ANS responses were measured again for 120 seconds when they were in an emotional state during the presentation of the clip. After the ANS measurements were taken, participants were asked to rate the type of emotion they had experienced as they viewed the film and to report its intensity. The results indicated that the levels of anger experienced by the AUD group were not significantly different from the emotion registered by the control group. However, the ANS responses induced in AUD participants when they were in an emotional state showed blunted skin conductance levels (SCL) and skin conductance responses (SCR) compared to the control group participants. Individuals with AUDs evinced lower emotional arousal than the participants of the control group. These results can help clinicians understand the psychological and physiological responses of individuals with AUDs to anger in order to design effective interventions that would reduce chances of anger and relapse
Key Words
Alcohol Use Disorders, Anger, Autonomic Nervous System, Electrodermal Activity, 알코올 사용 장애, 분노, 자율신경계, 심박률, 피부전기 활동

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