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Vol.22, No.4, 45 ~ 57, 2019
The Effects of the Negative Affectivity of Emotional Laborers on Their Emotional Exhaustion: Situational Characteristics Moderating the Mediation Effect of Emotion Regulation
The regulation of emotion is known to mediate the relationship between emotion-relevant differences in individuals and their life outcomes. This study attempted to include a situational factor in addition to the mediation model and investigated whether this conditional component changed the patterns of indirect effects. The researchers recruited 180 emotional laborers working in diverse domains and used a questionnaire to ascertain their negative affectivity, cognitive reappraisal, emotional exhaustion, and the intensity of negative comments they usually received from customers. The results of the conditional indirect effect analysis revealed the positive indirect influence of negative affectivity on emotional exhaustion through cognitive reappraisal when emotional labors receive highly negative comments from customers (high intensity of the situation). Similarly, negative indirect effects were found when emotional labors receive slightly negative comments from customers (low intensity of the situation). The outcomes of this study suggest that cognitive reappraisal can mediate to decrease emotional exhaustion in contexts that arouse more intensive negative emotions; it can also mediate to increase emotional exhaustion in contexts that arouse less intensive negative emotions. The implications of this study include the importance of integrating individual differences with situational factors. The study also provides information about the distinctiveness of groups of emotional laborers.
Key Words
Cognitive Reappraisal, Emotional Exhaustion, Emotion Laborers, Intensity of Emotions, Negative Comments from Customers, Moderated Mediation, 인지적 재평가, 정서적 소진, 감정 노동자, 정서의 강도, 고객 불만, 조절된 매개효과

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