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Vol.22, No.4, 31 ~ 45, 2019
A Study on the Influence Exerted on Subtitle Locations in Videos by the Deterioration of Working Memory Ability due to Aging
This study intended to investigate the effects of the subtitle location on the decreased working memory abilities caused by aging. A junior group (average age: 26, SD: 3.06, N=27) and a senior group (average age: 61.69, SD=4.18, N=26) participated in this study and they all performed N-back tasks which measured the working memory ability of the participants and video subtitle recognition tasks that assessed the most effectively recognized subtitle locations in the video. The results of the N-back task revealed slower response times and low accuracy rates in the senior group in comparison to the junior group, suggesting lower working memory abilities in the senior group vis-à-vis the junior group. The deterioration of working memory due to aging also negatively influenced the 'left-bottom' subtitle location in the video subtitle recognition task and positively influenced the 'left-center' location of the screen. The deterioration of working memory ability did not affect other subtitle locations. By examining the positive or negative effects of the deterioration of working memory ability as a function of age on subtitle locations, the present study suggests that the selection of suitable subtitle locations taking into account the ages of video viewers would cause information to be more effectively displayed on screen.
Key Words
Senior, Aging, Working Memory Ability, Visuo-Spatial Attention Allocation Ability, Video, Subtitle, 시니어, 노화, 작업기억능력, 시공간 주의배분능력, 영상, 자막

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