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Vol.21, No.3, 129 ~ 141, 2018
A Research on Design Direction for the Smart Walking Wear to Support Walking Exercise for the Baby Boomer Group
This study aimed to analyze consumers' acceptance of sports applications and smart sportswear to better design technology-enhanced walking exercise wear for the Baby Boomer generation based on their cohort characteristics. A questionnaire with items related to acceptance of existing smart sportswear design, functionality, and usability as well as existing sports application design, functionality, and usability was sent to consumers aged 50-65. Of 163 questionnaires distributed, 150 were used for analysis. The results showed that middle-aged consumers were aware of smart sportswear's functional stability, but were concerned about care, durability, and convenience. Middle-aged consumers were also aware of sports applications as educational functions for obtaining new information. Additionally, they found sports applications to have lower perceived convenience and accessibility relative to the young generation, highlighting the need for simple instructions and explanations for sports application planning. Based on these results, we propose “Everyday design for general sportswear,” “Functions based on consumer's preference,” “Enhanced design for durability and management convenience” for designing and planning walking exercise wear for middle-aged consumers, and “Convenient application organization” and “Educational exercise contents” for application planning for walking exercises.
Key Words
베이비부머 집단, 스마트 워킹웨어, 스마트 스포츠웨어 측면 수용태도, 스포츠 애플리케이션 측면 수용태도, Baby Boomer Group, Smart Walking Wear, Acceptance Attitude on Smart Sports Wear, Acceptance Attitude on Sports Application

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