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Vol.21, No.3, 73 ~ 83, 2018
Emotion Recognition Method of Competition-Cooperation Using Electrocardiogram
Attempts have been made to recognize social emotion, including competition-cooperation, while designing interaction in work places. This study aimed to determine the cardiac response associated with classifying competition-cooperation of social emotion. Sixty students from Sangmyung University participated in the study and were asked to play a pattern game to experience the social emotion associated with competition and cooperation. Electrocardiograms were measured during the task and were analyzed to obtain time domain indicators, such as RRI, SDNN, and pNN50, and frequency domain indicators, such as VLF, LF, HF, VLF/HF, LF/HF, lnVLF, lnLF, lnHF, and lnVLF/lnHF. The significance of classifying social emotions was assessed using an independent t-test. The rule-base for the classification was determined using significant parameters of 30 participants and verified from data obtained from another 30 participants. As a result, 91.67% participants were correctly classified. This study proposes a new method of classifying social emotions of competition and cooperation and provides objective data for designing social interaction.
Key Words
감성 인식, 사회 감성, 심전도, 경쟁, 협력, Emotion Recognition, Social Emotion, Electrocardiogram, Competition, Cooperation

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