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Vol.21, No.3, 17 ~ 29, 2018
The Pathway Linking Childhood Trauma and Stress Perception: Mediating Role of Theory of Mind
This study investigated the differential effects of childhood trauma, especially neglect, emotional abuse, and physical abuse on stress perception in relation to the ToM (theory of mind), among one-hundred and fifty five college students. For this purpose, self-reported childhood neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and stress levels during the previous week were measured. Social cognition was measured using a ToM questionnaire which asked respondents to guess the intentions of the person in each vignette by providing additional hints. In order to examine the predicting role of childhood trauma and mediating role of ToM, two distinct structural models assuming full (Model 1) and partial (Model 2) mediational effects were compared using structural equation modeling. The partial mediational model was supported and the main results were as follows. First, childhood neglect indirectly predicted stress perception through the effect of the ToM. Second, childhood emotional abuse directly predicted stress perception. Third, childhood physical abuse had no distinct effect on stress perception. Finally, the limitations of this study and the implications for future studies are discussed.
Key Words
아동기 학대, 아동기 방임, 아동기 외상, 마음이론, 스트레스 지각, Childhood Abuse, Childhood Neglect, Childhood Trauma, Theory of Mind & Stress Perception

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