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Vol.21, No.2, 101 ~ 113, 2018
A Study on the Black Box Design using Collective Intelligence Analysis
This study was carried out to enhance the competitiveness of blackbox design for domestic and international companies, based on the explosive growth of the blackbox market due to development of blackbox design for vehicle accident prevention and post-treatment. In the past, the blackbox market has produced products indiscriminately to meet the ever-increasing demand of consumers. Therefore, we thought a new design method was necessary to effectively investigate the needs of rapidly changing consumers. In this study, we aimed to identify the best-selling blackbox to understand the design flow, and the optimum area for a blackbox, considering the uniqueness of associated vehicle. Based on discussion with blackbox design experts, we studied the direction of design and the problems with blackbox use, which were reflected in blackbox development. Through this research, two types of design - leading blackbox (A type) and mass production blackbox (B type) - were proposed for compatibility of the blackbox with the car. The leading type of blackbox was positioned so that it was wrapped with the room mirror hinge before the screw was fastened, in order to achieve an integrated design. Therefore, we designed an integrated form and resolved the placement problem of an adhesive blackbox. To blend, the mass production blackbox implemented material and surface processing in the same way with the car, and adopted the slide structure to automatically turn off the main body power when removing the SDcard, reflecting consumer needs. This study considers evolving consumer needs through a case study and collective intelligence and deals with implementation of the whole design process during mass production. In this study, we aimed to strengthen the competitiveness of the blackbox design based on design method and its realization.
Key Words
Collective Intelligence, Black Box, Vehicle Components, Dash-cam, 집단지성, 블랙박스, 자동차부품, 데쉬캠

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