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Vol.21, No.2, 89 ~ 101, 2018
Subjective Sensation and Tactile Preference of Face Towel Fabrics by Pile Fiber Type and Laundering Time
This study was performed to develop face towel fabrics that reflect consumer's tactile preferences. Three different kinds of pile fiber (100% cotton, 50% cotton/50% bamboo, 100% bamboo) of the towel fabrics were selected for the test. The towels were laundered one, five and 10 times repeatedly in a normal washing condition, and fabric softeners were applied to the towels that were laundered 10 times. The flexibility and absorbency (absorption rate and water absorptivity) were evaluated by laundering times of the face towels. Male and female university students evaluated their subjective sensations of the face towels. The flexibility of towel fabrics showed no significant difference according to type of pile fiber or laundering time. The absorbency of the towels was significantly different according to the type of pile fiber and laundering time. The absorption rate was higher in 100% bamboo fiber, and water absorptivity was higher for cotton fibers. There were no significant differences in subjective sensation according to the type of pile fiber of towels before laundering. As the frequency of laundering increased, the tactile preference for the towel slightly decreased. The 100% bamboo towel was rated the most comfortable among the three kinds of towels. The tactile preference for the towels was influenced by smoothness, fabric softness, and softener treatment, in that order.
Key Words
Face Towel Fabrics, Pile Fiber, Subjective Sensation, Tactile Preference, 세면용 타월, 파일섬유, 주관적 감각, 촉감 선호도

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