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Vol.21, No.2, 73 ~ 89, 2018
Hand Proximity Effect on Task Switching Performance Through Cue Modality
The present study examined how processing features of visual information near the hand would affect task switching. Recent studies reported enhanced cognitive control of visual information presented the near hands. To investigate the enhancement of cognitive control based on the relationship between hand proximity and attention, we implemented 2 experiments. In the task switching performance experiment, the hand proximity effect depended on modality of cue and target. The first experiment showed that stimuli near the hand received greater cognitive control than stimuli far from the hand, resulting in smaller switch cost. The result could rule out the feature-binding problem, which identifies reduced switch cost as the cause instead of hand proximity. Our results show that hand proximity actually reduced switch cost. In the second experiment, we examined the effects of hand nearness, modality, and their interaction on switch cost. In task switching, the target was always visual, and the cue was presented either visually or auditorily. In addition, we manipulated the cue-target interval to observe the preparation effect of cue. The results showed that a visual cue near the hand reduced switch cost by shortening task preparation time. Also, modality switching between an auditory cue and visual target was remarkable in a hand-near condition. The results for the visual cue could be interpreted as a benefit of rapid visual attention orienting. On the other hand, the results for the auditory cue could be interpreted as the cost of interference of modality switching by slower attentional disengagement of stimuli near the hands. Finally, modulation of switch cost by attention induced by hand nearness was discussed.
Key Words
Hand Proximity, Switch Cost, Cue-target Interval, Visual Attention, Modality Switching, 손 근접성, 전환비용, 단서-목표자극 간격(CTI), 시각주의, 감각전환

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