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Vol.21, No.2, 61 ~ 73, 2018
Extraction of Representative Emotions to Measure Emotions Expressed by Traditional Korean Clothes (Hanbok)
Different types of traditional Korean clothes (Hanbok) are appearing in the market with the increasing interest of culture consumers. In order to turn traditional Korean clothes into everyday clothes that adequately reflect various demands of culture consumers, it is important to satisfy both functional and emotional aspects of clothing. However, there is lack of existing studies on emotions of culture consumers while wearing traditional Korean clothes. In this study, 28 emotional words regarding traditional Korean clothes were extracted by applying the Delphi method and conformity rating survey to 182 emotional words reported in existing studies and references from areas such as psychology, linguistics, and sensibility engineering. The 28 selected emotional words can be used to express emotions felt by culture consumers about traditional Korean clothes. Also, words were grouped based on the correlation according to factor analysis. Based on common characteristics, the emotional words were classified into 6 categories of ‘pleasure,’ ‘aesthetic sense,’ ‘harmony,’ ‘novelty,’ ‘likability,’ and ‘stability.’ These 6 emotional categories were concluded to represent emotions of consumers about traditional Korean clothes. The 28 emotional words and 6 representative emotions noted in this study can be used as basic data for measuring emotions of culture consumers of traditional Korean clothes. A future study task is to design a detailed assessment scale to measure emotions of culture consumers about traditional Korean clothes using representative emotions.
Key Words
Measuring User Emotions, Traditional Korean Clothes (Hanbok), Emotional Words, Representative Emotions, 사용자 감성측정, 한복, 감성어휘, 대표감성

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