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Vol.21, No.2, 29 ~ 43, 2018
Effect of Motor Cues and Secondary Task Complexity on Driving Performance and Task Switching While Driving
As information technology is more actively incorporated into automobiles, the role of IVIS (In-Vehicle Infotainment System) is becoming increasingly important for providing convenience and entertainment for drivers. However, using the infotainment systems while driving requires task switching and attending to two visual resources simultaneously. We simulated a setting where participants have to drive while interacting with the infotainment system and examined how task difficulty and motor cues impact driver task-switching and driving performance, specifically whether the effects of motor cues differ depending on task difficulty. For the infotainment display, we used two types of number array depending on the congruency between the digit repetition and the chunking unit, while task difficulty was manipulated by the size of the touch-keys. Participants were instructed to dial two numbers on the screen while we recorded the dialing time, lateral position, inter-key press intervals, and steering wheel control. We found that dialing time and lateral position were affected by task difficulty, while the type of number array had no effect. However, the inter-key press intervals between chunked numbers and steering wheel movement both increased when participants had to use an incongruent number array, which indicates that, if number digits are repeated, chunking is ignored by the drivers. Our findings indicate that, in a dual-task condition, motor cues offset the effect of chunking and can effectively signal the timing for task switching.
Key Words
Infotainment System, Task Switching, Driver Distraction, Driving, Motor Cue, Task Difficulty, 인포테인먼트 시스템, 과제 전환, 운전 주의분산, 운전 주행, motor cue, 과제 난이도

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