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Vol.21, No.2, 15 ~ 29, 2018
Research on the Change in Index of Pupil in the Initial Observation on Large Space of Library
The purpose of this study was to conduct eye-tracking experiments to target large spaces and to analyze the characteristics of pupil gaze by gender. By analyzing the change of pupil size in the eye-tracking experiment, we suggest a template for objective and scientific analyses of gender observation data. Additionally, based on the difference between gender and time to pupil size change, we noted the characteristic of time that gather the visual perception data information and showed that females attend to interesting elements of visual information one to two seconds slower than males. In the initial 「1sec→2sec」, the pupil size has been increased in leap condition of male and in fixed condition of female. In addition, if condition limits to fixed observation to view the change rates on gender then the pupil size of female was larger than male before 9 seconds, while male's pupil size was larger after 9 seconds. This indicates that females obtain visual information through a relatively larger pupil size during the first 1-8 seconds after stimulus presentation, while males acquire it between 10-15 seconds after input. However, based on the result that the pupil size of female was larger than male on the change of observation time, the pupil size movement on female was energized to watch more interest element after a certain period of time.
Key Words
Primacy Effect, Pupil Index Chart, Attention Concentration, Initial Observation Time, 주시특성, 동공지표, 주의집중, 초기 주시시간

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