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Vol.21, No.2, 3 ~ 15, 2018
A Study on the Characteristics of Consumer Visual-Perceptional Information Acquisition in Commercial Facilities in Regard to its Construction of Space from Real-Time Eye Gaze Tracking
For satisfying consumer needs, commercial facilities require a variety of sale-related space expressions and eye-catching product arrangements; space composition can also be a direct marketing strategy. The human eye is the sensory organ that acquires the largest amount of information, and an analysis of visual information helps in understanding visual relations between < spaces and users >. However, the existing studies are mostly focused on analysis of still frames in experimental images, and there is a lack of studies analyzing gaze information based on mobile images of commercial spaces. Therefore, this study analyzed emotional responses through gaze information of space users in reality using a video of a movement route through a commercial facility. The analysis targeted straight sections of the moving route; based on the data acquired, sectional characteristics of five gaze intensity ranges were examined. As a result, section A, the starting point of the route, had a low gaze intensity, while section B had the highest gaze intensity. This indicates that, starting in section B, the subjects explored the space in a stable way and needed time to adapt to the experimental video. In relation to space characteristics of the gaze-concentrated area, display formats of the right stores in 4 of 6 sections received greater attention. The gaze of consumers was mostly focused on props, and big gaze information was revealed in showcase display formats of the stores. In conclusion, this analysis method can provide highly useful direct design data about merchandise display and merchandise component arrangement based on consumer visual preference.
Key Words
Commercial Space, Emotional Design, Emotion Responsive, Real-Time Eye Tracking, Spatial Component, 실시간 시선추적, 상업공간, 공간구성요소, 감성디자인, 감성반응

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