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Vol.20, No.4, 89 ~ 101, 2017
Exploring Requirements of the Smart Textiles for Bio-Signal Measurement Based on Smart Watch User Sensibility
Since smart devices are able to efficiently provide information without barriers of time and location, they are widely utilized with advent of the hyper-connected society. Especially, the smart devices have been developed in the form of wearable devices for mutual interaction between human and objects. Smart clothing, which embeds smart devices within clothes, measures and obtains a variety of bio-signals as it is in close contact with the human bodies. Conventional smart clothing generated wearers’ discomfort because they were developed by simple attachment of electronic devices to clothes. Therefore, it is highly recommended to develop novel smart clothing based on smart textiles which integrate electronic devices as parts of textiles. As smart watches are currently the most available wearable devices in the market, smart watch users were selected in this study, for the purpose of investigating core needs of wearable smart device users based on the user experience and user’s sensibility. Qualitative research was performed through semi-structured interview in order to obtain detailed answers about user sensibility based on smart watch user experience. After the in-depth interview, the user’s sensibility was categorized into four aspects; functional, aesthetic, social, and empirical. Sensibility adjectives and key words were assigned to each aspect and their frequency was analyzed. It was the functional aspect of sensibility that the wearable device users require the most. The results of this study will be utilized as a fundamental data to develop the smart textiles required for the next generation of smart clothing which is attracting as a future wearable device.
Key Words
정보통신기술, 스마트워치, 스마트 텍스타일, 사용자경험, 사용자 감성, Information and Communication Technology(ICT), Smart Watch, Smart Textiles, User Experience(UX), User Sensibility

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