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Vol.20, No.4, 79 ~ 89, 2017
Development of STEAM Program Based on Emotion Science for Students of Early Elementary School
As the age in which the importance of sensitivity has increased, education for the future generation regarding emotion engineering, affective recognition and cognitive science have taken center stage. We measure human’s emotion quantitatively, analyze evaluation and apply them to various services in life, which are based on human technology. Therefore, we need the education which is related to emotion science to cultivate talented people. The goal of this paper is to suggest the possibility of emotion science education and effective methods through development of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) program which can teach emotion science to early elementary school students by applying it to pilot classes. For this study, first, we build a program, ‘The mind made by figure’ for student of early elementary school. The method of STEAM was used in this program, because it is an effective system to educate the emotion science. We recognize the needs and value of this program development through theory and benchmarking of STEAM related to emotion science. And then the contents of class, activities, course book and kit are designed with elementary school textbook of pertinent grade. Secondly, we analyze the result which is applied in two pilot classes of second grade by satisfaction survey and teacher interview. As a result, the average of satisfaction level was very high (4.40/5), Class participation was especially high. Third, we discuss the ability, value and limits of this program based on the result of analysis. The outcome of this research shows that students of early elementary school who have difficulty in understanding science can approach the education program related to emotion science with ease and interest. We hope this education will help students understand emotion science effectively, and to train people to lead the emotion centered era.
Key Words
융합인재교육, 감성과학, 교육, 초등학교, 마음, STEAM, Emotion Science, Education, Elementary School, Mind

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