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Vol.20, No.4, 31 ~ 41, 2017
A Comparative Study of Emotional Response to Korean Drama among Countries: With Drama ‘Goblin’
This research aims to investigate ‘Hallyu’ contents consumption tendency of consumers from Korea, Japan, and the United States by analyzing their emotional responses. With the development of social media, research on emotion analysis by reviewing text materials has grown. Whereas environmental variables affect consumer demand towards ‘Hallyu’ contents, little comparative analyses have been conducted on the emotional responses of consumers from different countries. In this research, the emotional prototype model proposed by Russell(1980) used to extract and distinguish emotional words to clarify how people in the three countries differently perceive the Korean drama “Goblin”. First of all, the SNS reviews were collected during a two-month period (February 12 to April 12). Second, significant factors were identified in the collected data according to Russell’s emotion model. Third, random forest was applied to organize the selected variables in the order of variable importance. Fourth, the correlations among the emotional words were compared. Lastly, the accuracy of the trained model was measured using the test dataset. The results show that “Happy” was found to be the greatest factor in Korea and in the United States and “Pleased” in Japan. Emotional words correlations showed that when watching the drama “Goblin”, “passive unpleasure” was the main factor associated with individual’s interest in Korea whereas “passive pleasure” was associated with individual’s interest in Japan and in the United States. Based on the results, this research suggests the possibility of developing evaluation guidelines for emotional responses of different countries towards ‘Hallyu’ contents.
Key Words
감정 분석, 사용자 감정 측정, 콘텐츠, 한류, 한류 드라마, Sentimental Analysis, Measuing User`s Emotion, Contents, Hallyu, Korean TV Drama

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