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Vol.20, No.4, 15 ~ 31, 2017
A f MRI Meta-analysis on Neuroimaging Studies of Basic Emotions
The purpose of this study was to verify the basic emotion theory based on the emotion-related research using functional brain imaging technology. For this purpose, a meta-analysis on the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies was performed. Six individual emotions-joy, happiness, fear, anger, disgust, sadness-were selected. In order to collect the fMRI data of individual emotions, we searched the electronic journals such as Medline, PsychInfo, PubMed for the past 10 years. fMRI experiment data aimed at healthy subjects for 6 emotions were collected, and only studies reported in Talairach or MNI standard coordinate system were included. In order to eliminate the difference between Talairach and MNI coordinate systems, we analyzed fMRI data based on the Talairach coordinate system. A meta-analysis using GingerALE 2.3 program adopting the activation likelihood estimates (ALE) techniques was performed. In this study, we confirmed that the individual emotions are associated with consistent and distinguishable regional brain responses within the framework of the basic emotion theory. The conclusion of this study of the brain areas associated with each individual emotional reaction was substantially consistent with the results of existing review articles. Finally, the limitations of this study and some suggestions for the future research were presented.
Key Words
기본정서, 뇌 영상, fMRI, 메타분석, Basic Emotion, Neuroimaging, f MRI, Meta-analysis

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