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Vol.19, No.3, 71 ~ 81, 2016
The Effects of Head Mounted display on Time-on-task and Virtual Presence for Navigational Tasks in the Immersive Virtual Reality
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of display on time on tasks and virtual presence in the immersive virtual reality. Head mounted display (HMD) and monitor conditions were compared when the participants were asked to complete navigation tasks in a virtual classroom. Time on tasks and virtual presence were measured. Three factors of the virtual presence were applied as dependent variables such as 1) spatial presence, 2) involvement, and 3) realness. The results showed that HMD condition took longer time to finish tasks than monitor conditions. HMD condition showed significantly higher perception from all of the virtual presence factors. Interestingly, there was a significant interaction effect between the display conditions and presence factors. The relationship between display types and virtual presence factors were discussed for future study.
Key Words
가상실재감, 공간실재감, 몰입감, 가상현실, 착용형 디스플레이, Virtual Presence, Spatial Presence, Involvement, Virtual Reality, Head Mounted Display