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Vol.19, No.3, 3 ~ 15, 2016
Physical Colorimetric Properties and Psychological Sensibility Factor of Naturally Dyed Fabrics
This study is aimed to measure the physical colorimetric property according to three conditions, natural dyestuffs (Gardenia, Sappan wood, Lac, Gardenia blue, Mugwort, and Indigo), fabric types (cotton, silk), and presence of mordant (without, with), and then to evaluate the psychological sensibility. Also, to perform analysis of variance (ANOVA) to find out the differences of physical properties according to the three natural dyeing conditions, and to analyze the relationship between physical property and psychological property by Pearson``s correlation analysis and then suggest the prediction model by regression analysis using SPSS program (ver. 21.0). Finally, to propose a certain sensibility image map of naturally dyed fabrics, MDS (Multidimensional Scaling) was used, and as a result, Gardenia dyed fabrics having the color sensibilities such as ``hard`` and ``heavy`` were suggested to evoke masculine image, and to evoke feminine image, Sappan wood and Lac having ``bright``, ``transparent``, ``soft`` and ``light`` sensibilities were suggested. Natural image might be induced by using ``subdued`` Mugwort dyed fabrics, and active image might be induced by using ``showy`` Indigo dyed fabric.
Key Words
천연염색직물, 물리적 색채 특성, CIE L*a*b*, 심리적 색채감성, 분산분석, Naturally Dyed Fabrics, Physical Colorimetric Property, Psychological Sensibility, Mordant, ANOVA