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Vol.21, No.3, 49 ~ 61, 2018
Brain Function During Recall of Anger Experience According to the Level of Trait Anger
Trait anger is one of the psychological traits associated with experiences of anger. Individuals with high trait anger become angry easily at trivial events, and experience anger more frequently, intensely, and over a longer duration. This study aimed to investigate neural responses during experiences of anger, and identify the neural correlates of trait anger. Thirty five adults participated in the functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) experiment. They were scanned while they recalled an anger-inducing memory that was supposed to evoke an experience of anger. During the angry recall compared to the emotionally neutral recall, our participants showed greater neural activation in the right superior temporal gyrus (BA38), left inferior frontal gyrus (BA45), right thalamus, right insula (BA13), bilateral cuneus (BA17), and right cerebellum anterior lobe. The correlation analysis revealed that trait anger scores were positively associated with right insula activity during the angry recall. Individuals with higher trait anger were more likely to show greater activity in the right insula in response to past experiences of anger, as previously implicated in various studies of emotional processing. This finding suggests that trait anger may be an important factor in modulating anger-related brain activity.
Key Words
특성 분노, 분노 뇌기제, 기능적 자기 공명 영상, 분노 기억 회상, Trait Anger, Neural Substrates of Anger, Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Angry Memory Recall

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